CV - Curriculum Vitae, 2018-03-22

Anssi Olavi Kanninen, MSc(Tech)

Helsinki, Finland

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Nationality: Finnish
Date of birth: April 4th, 1974


2003 Master of Science (Technology) degree in Computer Science (diplomi-insinööri)

Helsinki University of Technology, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Major: Telecommunications Software (Computer networks and security)

Minor: Interactive Digital Media (Computer animation and human-computer interaction)

1993 Matriculation examination, Kaarina Senior High School


2007 - Software specialist, Q5 Software Oy, consulting for Digia Plc

Software consulting for Emergency Response Centre Administration (Hätäkeskuslaitos). Designing and development of server software and maintaining the hardware of Emergency Response Centre (ERC).

Designing and developing geographical information systems and -services for ERCs.

2003 - 2007 Software specialist, Q5 Software Oy, consulting for WM-data Novo

C++ programming for HP-UX

Gnu C++ and tools, Oracle 9i

Developing production control systems for a major steel production company.
Build management and version control administration with CVS and shell scripts.

Database designing and user interface development in Oracle environment

Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, TOAD, Oracle Forms 4.5 / 6i, Oracle Pro*C

Developing condition management and monitoring software for power transmission networks. Software development in a multi-vendor software project. Conversion from Forms 4.5 to Forms 6i.

1996 – 2003 Software engineering for Stonesoft Corporation

C++ development with MS Visual C++ and GNU environments

Oracle 7, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Pro*C, Oracle Developer 2000

Designing and implementing configuration software for Stonebeat® high availability and load balancing solution for network security

Developing condition management and monitoring software for power transmission networks

Java development

Eclipse, Borland JBuilder

Designing and implementing configuration and administration software for centralized management system of StoneGate® high availability firewall, VPN and IPS solution. Different kinds of management user interfaces, graphical network diagram editor, expression editor etc.

C++ and dynamic HTML development

Microsoft Visual Studio, Perl, C, C++

Developing a remote configuration software for clustered network environment

Researching graphical user interfaces

Java, Common Information Model (CIM)

Writing Master's Thesis about configuring network devices using an object oriented network model.

Courses and Certificates

Checkpoint System Administrator
Sun Solaris System Administrator
StoneGate Engineer, StoneGate Architect
Oracle DB Administrator

1990 – 1996 Various summer training positions

IT-support, testing, documentation, DB administration for Jylhäraisio Inc.
IBM ES/9000-260 VM/VSE operator in Datacity Information Systems Inc.
Factory worker in M. Haloila Inc.

Publications and projects

Kanninen, Anssi O., "Configuring network devices using a graphical user interface", Master's Thesis, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology, 2002, <>

Kanninen, Anssi O., "Emerging Problems with Smart Card Technologies", Seminar on Network Security, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology, 2000, <>

Monrovia PDA game platform, Software project, Software Business and Engineering Institute, Helsinki University of Technology, 2001
Client side interactive software development for Palm OS / J2ME


Computer networks, relational databases, user interfaces, firewalls, object oriented applications

Learning and understanding new things quickly
Good social skills, getting along with all kinds of people
Taking responsibilities and keeping commitments as a team member

Programming languages

C/C++, shell scripts, Java, Perl, Oracle PL/SQL


Oracle 9i, Oracle Forms/Reports 6i, Oracle Pro*C, SQLlib, Toad

Operating systems

Redhat Linux i86, MS Windows, HP-UX 11, Sun Solaris

Development environments

Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Borland JBuilder & C++Builder, GNU tools, Emacs

Software development tools and libraries

CVS, Bitkeeper, UML, JUnit, log4j/log4cplus, Javadoc,
XML, HTML, Common Information Model (CIM)

Other familiar languages, tools and libraries

Doxygen, JAXP, Tcl/Tk, OpenGL, RenderMan, Java3D, QuickTime for Java, Java Media Framework (JMF), SDL, PHP, Pascal, Scheme, MS Visual Basic


Finnish (native)
English (fluent)
Swedish (moderate)

Military service

Corporal (alikersantti), Airforce C3 Systems School, (Ilmavoimien Viestikoulu)

Responsible positions

Otaniemi campus government member in 1997 and 1998,
campus computer network (Trinet) responsible

Scoutmaster in 1988-1993


Playing drums and listening music
Disc golf, badminton